“Evoking the past and the future, a high desert outpost powers itself.”

— Dwell Magazine


Folly is a peculiar prototype built to serve as a conversation piece, lend interest to its surroundings through an architectural medium. It derives from a need to expand my thesis position on architecture; which explores Cohesion as the integration of contextual and pragmatic relevancy within different environments. Upon arrival, Folly sets the tone to disconnect from the norm, the expected, and provokes you to connect with the surroundings. Its perceived as a design paradigm, a small space with a big experience, modern and innovative while grounded within its environment.


“Conceived in a C shape, the home surrounds an Italian Bolzano blue stone spine, which acts as a vertical foundation, allowing the architecture design to become the homes own sanctuary.”

— C Magazine


The Spine Residence is an exploration of design by developing moments of intrigue within and around the programmatic requirements of home, developing space and volume with seamless connections which thrust you into specific spaces, views and
experiences. The approach allows for architectural intrigue while assuring the functional use of various programs throughout the residence.


170323_Orlando-June-Street445 -PSD.jpg
C For Men Fall 2017, House Tour Total Score (JSA)-2.jpg

A historical cottage gets restored.


“ A cottage is often a modest cozy dwelling, typically in a rural location. The word was originally referred to as a house with ground floor living space and upper floor bedrooms fitting under the eaves of the structure. The Farm Cottage was built in the early 1900’s and mainly utilized as farmer housing with its very own tractor diesel gas pump. We restored it with a refined take on rural living.”



Upgraded living in the great outdoors


The Folly Canvas Project is implemented to treat guests to the sights, sounds, and smells of nature in the thick of the great outdoors. The tents are customized for guests in every aspect. The canvas structure are salvaged local tree trunks for support, and for energy they harness their own power through an off grid solar stand. This concept explores transient housing without compromising design, functionality and experience.