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 The Spine Residence is an exploration of design by developing moments of intrigue within and around the programmatic requirements of home, developing space and volume with seamless connections which thrust you into specific spaces, views and experiences. The approach allows for architectural intrigue while assuring the functional use of various programs throughout the residence.
 Optimizing transitions between architecture and interiors demand that we engage on every detail from concept to completion. Collaborating with our clients in a design process through renderings, floor plan development, architectural detailing and custom finishings that honor the space and client alike. The creativity is heightened by intentionally expanding our practice of interior design as an extension of the architecture. The interior of the house personifies our private world.
 Environmental problems are as serious as they are pervasive. We are mandated to establish solutions and incorporate them into the design process. Architecture as an agent of cohesion explores the Integration of contextual impact into our built environment, by identifying the key criteria of a civic project: What is the biggest problem, what is the optimal solution?    People evolve generation after generation, thus the use of spaces alters considerably, grafted architecture becomes a vital part of the design process. This approach has the capability to adapt and regenerate when responding to contemporary contextual and environmental factors that surround it. Architecture as an agent of cohesion has the capacity to regenerate new life into poorly utilized urban and rural spaces allowing for perpetual alterations and pliability.